• Ketil.XV (Scandinavian / Skandinavisk) - Fokus: IT admin.
  • LITek.XV (Scandinavian / Skandinavisk) - Fokus: Personlig IT.
  • Leeteq.XV (English) - Focus: Personal IT plus/with business potential.
  • Fuzbolero.XV (English) - Focus: IT management / strategy / development.
  • Minipreneur.XV (English) - Focus: Entrepreneurship (Minipreneurship)
  • Zenior.XV (English) - Focus: Society (developments / future)
  • Fezkarn.XV (Scandinavian / Skandinavisk) - Fokus: Samfunnsutvikling / fremtid.
  • Nomadus.XV (Scandinavian / Skandinavisk) - Fokus: Pers. interesser, verdier, etc.
  • Ezqimo.XV (English) - Focus: Personal interests, values, etc.
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Why several aliases?

- To reduce information overload (for you)... and for SEO and "reputation" purposes, keeping them identifiably separate, yet semi-recogniseable by elements such as the XV / name "shape" and more.

This is a process and an exploration that will take time (months/years) to "conclude" or "finish".


(PS. Ref. the "Availability status" info at the bottom of this page; some of these blogs and their related communities may have significant downtime during Sep./Oct. 2017 while deciding about BackdropCMS.)

  • KETIL.XV:* Scandinavian. IT focus and project ownership "hat". Work related. Online: Twitter account
  • LITek.XV: Scandinavian. Personal IT focus. Online: Blogg / Twitter
  • LEETEQ.XV: English. Technical/IT focus. Both Personal & Work related, depending on context. Online: Blog / Twitter / Mastodon
  • FUZBOLERO.XV: English. IT Manager and project ownership "hat". Work related. Online: Blog / Twitter / Mastodon
  • MINIPRENEUR.XV: English. Entrepreneur / Minipreneur focus. Online: Blog / Twitter
  • ZENIOR.XV: English. Society/Politics. Online: Blog / Twitter / Mastodon
  • FEZKARN.XV - Scandinavian. Society/Politics. Online: Blog / Twitter
  • NOMADUS.XV - Scandinavian. Values, interests, etc. Online: Blog / Twitter
  • EZQIMO.XV: English. Values, interests, personal background information, projects links. Online: Blog / Twitter / Mastodon


Illustration: 'Fyr' ('Lighthouse') by https://twitter.com/@emzalsa (Else-Marie Soderqvist, Sweden)

This web site informs about my online aliases and the reasoning behind maintaining several of them.

Note, October 2016: this page needs to be tidied/improved. No time for that right now, leaving it open and semi-unstructured.
(BTW; highly dedicated Content Managers (or even wannabees), and/or PHP developers may get in touch if you want contribute and learn from these explorations. Get in touch over at my Leeteq blog.)

Background information..:

Availability status Sep/Oct 2017 - Backdrop CMS readiness timeout

Backdrop CMS 1.8 release date: Sep. 15th, 2017. For the various projects mentioned here, and their related web sites, this is an important update as we have been waiting for BD maturity in various areas, and cannot postpone further development much longer. The next stage development for several of the web sites has been put on hold the last 1-2 years(!) awaiting BD maturity, mainly because the strategically sound way forward would be with BD, but sadly time is running out; Cannot postpone these developments much longer. The conclusions will have effect on almost all these blogs and community sites that are part of the projects you are informed about here. (Most crucial is the ability to use 2FA (TOTP/U2F) for community sites, plus when community features like "forum" and crucial Content Management features like "reference(s)" can be used on production sites.)

This means that during Sep./Oct. 2017, there will be a LOT of downtime on several of these blogs/sites, as the decisions being made also directly affect specifications related to a necessary VPS move/upgrade/change that is being done this autumn as well as these puzzle pieces are falling into place for the next medium term perspective (3+ years). The hope has been to be able to change to Backdrop shortly, but that is perhaps wishful thinking. We will soon see. ( Ref. news etc. via Twitter.com/BackdropCMS )